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Chief Dr. Mrs. Chinyelu Metricia Mbogu(Ugosimba)



Chinyelu Metricia Mbogu (Ugosimba) was born on the 8th day of June, 1965, into the family of Late Mr. Shedrach & Mrs. Grace Chikwelu, both hail from Umueze village in Amawbia and Mgbidi town of Imo State, Nigeria respectively. By His special grace, Chinyelu was the fifth (5th) child in a family of eleven (11).

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My Mum attended Niger City Primary School, Fegge, in Onitsha, during her elementary days. At her Secondary level, she attended Ogidi Girls Secondary School, situated at Ogidi, also in Anambra State. After graduation, she got admission to study Education at the University of Nigeria(UNN). As a lioness, very determined, she obtained her Masters Degree in Education from the same institution.

She later got married and was blessed with two awesome children(Emeka Jr. & Chisom).

Chinyelu Metricia Mbogu (Ugosimba) served in various capacities and places which includes Igbinedion Education Center, in Benin-City, Edo State. Here she headed the Christian Religious Studies(CRS) Department for years. After her stay at Igbinedion, She got employed at Aunty Maria Secondary School, also situated in Benin-City were she served as the Principal of the Institution.

Her love for education, combined with her vast wealth of experience, exposure and knowledge brought about the emancipation of Prime Step Model School.

In the year of our Lord 2010, she was awarded a Chieftaincy title “Ugosimba” at Ugwuoba, by Igwe Emeka Iloeje, for bringing education to the community doorstep, in which lots of people around and within the area benefited from.

Chinyelu Metricia Mbogu (Ugosimba) acquired her Doctorate Degree(PhD) at State University of New York Albany, United States of America, African Sub-Regional Headquarters, Nigeria (2015 batch).

Chinyelu Metricia Mbogu (Ugosimba) served as a Provost at Onit College of Education, an institution situated at Abagana, Anambra State. She later got appointed at Divine Mercy College of Education, situated at Nnobi, Anambra State, were she served in the same capacity as a Provost. Before her demise, she was the Delta State Coordinator under African Thinkers Community of Inquiry (ATCOI).

Chinyelu Metricia Mbogu (Ugosimba) born into an Anglican Family served as a Laity at Payne Anglican Church Diocese of Benin, Church of Holy Spirit(St. Pauls) Awka, St Pauls Anglican Church Umuokpu (both in Awka Diocese), etc

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Crystabel became a Catholic in her later years. She also served in various capacities which includes Vice President Catholic Women Organisation (CWO) of St. Peters Zone, St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Awka, Anambra State. She was also an active member of Ambassadors of Mary.

My Loving Mother was very social. She is the founder and was the President of Zion Daughters Committee of Friends. She was also a member of Solution Ladies, here she was the Secretary from 2012 – 2018, etc

Chinyelu Metricia Mbogu (Ugosimba)has also won various awards which include Golden Legend of Professionalism for her great role in Nigeria’s Hundred(100) years of corporate existence, issued by the Institute of Human and Natural Resources (11/10/2014). She was awarded at the Institute of Corporate Administration of Nigeria for her outstanding prowess in Administration matters, and as a Professional (18/12/2014). The Federation of Orumba Student Association, Anambra State University, awarded her for her kindness to people, as well as her wonderful achievements. Her valuable contributions were also awarded during a successful quick count during the 2013 Anambra State election as a State Deputy Coordinator.

Ugosimba, like her pals call her, fell ill during her latter days. Few weeks after her ailment, her Peaceful and Loving Soul departed.



At this Juncture, with a heart full of tears, its still difficult to believe i am writing a tribute to my ever loving Mother. Words can’t express how I felt that black-Friday(12/10/2018) you were certified dead, my sense of understanding dwindled, it was clear to me you were no more.

Ezigbo, as you fondly call me, in a flash, has vanished into thin air.

I know you as a jolly good fellow, never troublesome, ever loving, understanding, virtuous, humble, supportive, infact having a person of your caliber as a Mother was a Gift.

We can’t run away from death, however it comes doesn’t really matter either, the baseline is simple ‘how will I be remembered in the eyes of God and Man on the last day’.

Surely, your legacies will forever live in my heart.

For the little time we shared, I sincerely appreciate, and also grateful to God for been tutored by a loving gem like you.

Adieu Mama D Mama

Adieu Ugosimba Nwanyioma

From Me, from this evil world, Adieu!

Your Son


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First of all who is a Mother? A mother is a protector, disciplinarian, and a friend. A mother is a selfless and loving woman who must sacrifice many of her wants and needs for her children. According to the Bible, a woman is a mother, the keeper of the home, while a man is the provider of the family, but in my Mum’s case, she performs both duties.

My mother was a role model, worthy to emulate. She always made sure we were equipped with knowledge, skills etc,  in short, she gave us room for wonderful opportunities.

As we all know, she was a lover of education. She craves to see her children become successful in all ramifications. She was a driver, my cook, and a shoulder to lean on, with her I lack nothing.

I never knew that 12 October will be the last time i will ever see you.

I wish you saw me graduate, I wish you saw me get married, now who will baby sit me? You could have waited to eat the fruit of your labor.

Your death is so sudden. How can Grandma watch you get laid to mother earth? Why is your faith like this, upon all your goodness, why are you so unfortunate? So all the mother and daughter plans we made are by gone? What a world!

Death has no conscience.

I know you really fought to stay back, I admire your strength too, but it wasn’t within your power.

Finally, I believe you have gone to rest. By Gods grace, I promise to be the girl that you’ve always wanted me to be. Please come back as my daughter, I love you so much.

Ugosimba Nwanyioma, you know my fault but still find me amazing, my Woman Crush Everyday(WCE), I miss you as each day passes. I love you Mummy.

Adieu Ugosimba Nwanyioma

Adieu Nne Metty

Till we meet to part no more.

Your one and only


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Words cannot express how i felt on your sudden departure on 12th October, 2018. You were already healing and getting better and stronger in my wildest dream, I never knew your departure was very near. I came down from Lagos to be and pray for you. You left right before my eyes while holding your hands. Am yet to come to terms with your departure, we can only take solace in the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit your comforter.

You were a good sister to me, we shared a lot together. You were very hardworking, always jovial and very protective of your family. Moreover, you loved Jesus Christ your savior, whom you served.

We will really miss you. a vacuum has been left in our hearts.

We pray for Dera, Chisom, Oluoma and Children whom you left behind to be strengthened by God. I pray for all our family members, that the grace of God will be sufficient.

Metty, the Lord knows the best, go in peace. We shall meet to part no more. I will always love you.


Mrs. Adora Emelummadu


An Eagle is gone, to be seen more. It was an unimaginable episode to recall the 12th day of October2018 when you gave up the ghost. Indeed, I call it a black Friday.

You made it a remarkable day for us all. What a soul tie and dates with Dad, you both left the world almost the same season and buried the same date.

Things had really fallen apart and the center can no longer hold anymore. My only joy is that you reconciled issues with the Lord in your last moments, and i know you are resting in the bosom of the Lord almighty.

It is sad to see a loved one fizzle away helplessly. It is a painful situation to loose a hard-worker. You are loving, jovial and a peacemaker. We remember you with all your good works.

Words cannot express how we feel about such a great loss, but our solace is in the Lord almighty.

Rest in peace dear Ugosimba

Adieu Nwanyioma

Joy Chiadika(Nee Chikwelu)

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I am deeply hurt as I stand here to bid farewell to my loving and understanding sister. The news of your death was a severe shock and a hard blow to all who knew you. We never imagined that such a tragedy would happen to us.

As an elder sibling, I have had the privilege of benefiting from your wise counsels. Our relationship could only be termed as cordial, we have always shared the happiest moment of our lives.

We had few years between us, but we managed to come to an understanding, and eventually became inseparable due to the existing bond.

You are caring, understanding and social. We will always remember you as an outstanding girl who enjoyed her life to the fullest.

Metty held everyone with high esteem. She also valued family and friends.

Your absence has robbed me of a friend and a sister.

I pray to the Almighty to give us the fortitude to endure the pain of your absence.

Trying to capture the joy and love you showered on everyone around you in just few words is the most challenging task I have ever handled.

If my tears could bring you back, you would be here with us.

Little sister, shine with the angels until we meet again in heaven.

Christian Chikwelu


It is unbelievable. Its like a dream. Can rivers flow up the mountain? Where will i start and end?

To believe that an Eagle flew away from this planet

For me at 80 years,to write an eulogy on you is unimaginable and diver-stating. Even if a prophet or soothsayer hinted it, nobody would believe him.

Is it a coincidence that your dad died on 11th October, 2012, and was buried on Friday, 23rd November, 2012. Likewise your demise on 12th October, 2018 and also will be buried on Friday, 23rd November 2018. What a very close tie with your dad. You have recalled the tears of that faithful day.

When you were hospitalized, the whole family rallied around you because you know what you are to them. They showed unflinching love by donating blood, fasting, praying and pouring resources. Unfortunately, very unfortunately, the whole episode turned out in this form.

Chinyelu Metricia Mbogu (Ugosimba), you are supposed to be writing my eulogy, but now the reverse is the case. What else will i say? I am only a caretaker. God brought you into this world and your late dad. We did all we can for you, physically, spiritually, academically, and otherwise. During your life time you touched so many lives for good, right from your childhood you did so much that nobody who came across you would not want to let you go.

You were everybody’s choice, male and female alike. At one time, our co-tenant at Onitsha said, “The visitors which Metty has in a day can only be equated to that of the President”. Where I go, am only known as “MAMA METTY“. People will ask ‘kedu maka Metty’?, before any other child in the family, what a popular figure.

Your love and zeal to serve people made meaningful contribution. Your school ‘Prime Step Model School’ offered jobs to few jobless teachers. You reached out to students and teachers at ONIT College of Education, African Thinkers College of Education Nnobi, all in Anambra State.

You are popular, dynamic and motivating.

Chinyelu Metricia Mbogu (Ugosimba), it is so painful that you have gone too soon. All of us will miss your captivating smile, your sense will ever remain indelible in our hearts and mind.

Your educational centers will miss you. WOMEN organization empowerment centers will miss you. Family, friends, well-wishers, paternal and maternal relations will mourn you. If humans can fight death, I’m sure everyone you will give in the last drop of their blood to save you. Since that is impossible, I have to say ‘naked I came out from my mothers womb, and naked shall i return, the Lord have and the Lord have taken away, Blessed be the name of the Lord (Job Chapter 1 vs 21).

May the seeing, all knowing, all understanding and all caring God welcome you to his bosom and grant everyone the fortitude to bear the loss. Amen

Ezigbo nwam! laa n’udo

Ugo-si-mba nwam, laa n’udo

Metty Chikwelu, laa n’udo

Rest, till we meet, to part no more.

Your Grieving Mother

Grace A. Chikwelu (Mrs.)

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The play writer tells us that life is a stage where we all play our parts, Chief Dr. (Mrs.) Chinyelu Mbogu has played her part and quit the stage, so the curtain is drawn.

Chinyelu Metricia Mbogu (Ugosimba), you lived your life with absolute trust and sweet surrender to God, for his will must be done.

You were tried and tested like Job, but through it all, you stood tall Ugosimba, everything about you made you beautiful, but above all, your faith in our ‘Mother Mary’, this makes you whole, earns peaceful transition to glory and leaves you remembered perpetually as a virtuous woman.

A seasoned educationist and a disciplinarian.

The knowledge you impacted on many people who were opportuned to live with you have brought succor and smiles to many faces. My Associate Professor, no wonder anybody who worked with you, never want to loose you. You wore many hats and were many things to different people.

A woman of many parts, that’s who you were.

You told me about the Professor hat which we were about to celebrate, but death is inevitable.

I am writing this tribute with trembling hands. I will miss you so much, but, I am consoled by the fact that you are now resting in the bosom of your maker, were there is no more pain or sorrow.

My prayer is that the good lord will reward your hard work and doggedness to your children who you toiled and struggled to stand on a solid footing. God will shower on them divine blessings which the world cannot give. They will uphold the legacy that you have set for them. To God be the glory.

Great One!

Iron Lady!

Associate Professor!



‘George” Oke-akwa!

Sleep in the Lord, good night!

Sir Omenankiti and Lady Ifeoma Nwokoye


Am still shocked beyond words, it all happened like a flash. A darling sister, a mother, a friend and a mentor is gone just like that. Death you are wicked, heartless and fearless. O God, all I ask is for you to grant her soul eternal rest in your kingdom.

Till we meet again to part no more, Goodbye Ugosimba!

From your kind brother

Daniel Chikwelu


There are those who possess a light, so bright. It doesn’t only light up their way but guides others as well.

Even in darkness, your light will continue to shine through every heart you have touched.

You will always be my glamour.

Love you always Metty.

Rest in the perfect peace of the Lord.

From Jullin

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I got the news of your demise on an official assignment at Enugu. It was very painful and unfortunate.

The event of October 12th, 2018 will be a memorable day for every member of Chikwelu family.

Metty, your death came with so much pain. We are still weeping because of the thought of not seeing you again in this world.

Your death has left a big vacuum in our lives which no one can fit but God.

Metty, I will forever miss you especially ‘Mee Mee Mee‘, this you always call me, from childhood till you departed. Though you are gone, your memories will ever remain green in our mind.

I love you but you are with God who loves you the most.

Rest in the bossom of the Lord.

Your brother

Emeka & Family


Sister Metty, the name I usually call you.

Our hearts are broken forever.

You had so much to look forward to, and so much left to do, but God needed somebody in Heaven who is as special as you. Nothing is the same now. You have been released from pain and suffering, you have been set free.

Your story has really touched people of all ages, near and far.

On the day you were taken from us, it struck down happiness, darkness was high and low, the moon out of frustration refused to shine, the splendid stars wept a million tears.

O Metty, I wish I could turn back the hands of time, I will be replenished with everlasting joy.

May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace

Your Dearest Brother

Obinna & Family


Ugosimba! I can’t believe that I am writing a tribute to you at this early age.

You were strong and always conscious of your health.

You cared so much for me that people will mistake me to be your biological daughter.

Death they say is a necessary end. I give thanks to God Almighty for giving me the privilege to know you, but your demise has created a terrible vacuum in our families.

We have not only lost you, but also lost the wonderful love you shared with everyone.

Mummy, how can I cope without you? You showered me with tender love and affectionate words during hard times.

Death why!

My darling mother in-law, as you enter your grave, may your soul rest in peace for which you truly deserve. You will be missed and remembered for your good works.

Mummy Adieu!

Jee nke oma Ugosimba Nwanyioma

Your Daughter In-law

Oluoma Dabeluchukwu Mbogu

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Chinyelu mo-o, Chinyelu mo-o. I cant believe that you have already taken you leave. Chi, you gave the impression that you would be there for me. Regularly, You called to know how I am feeling, and related with me like a daughter.

Chinyelu was very humble, caring and respectful. She was full of ideas of how we could make our church station grow, and promised you will assist to make our dreams come true.

You made me feel good, loved and important during the short period of our relationship, but man proposes and God disposes.

Now that it has pleased him that you should bow out so soon, I wish you a blissful and peaceful repose with him until we meet to part no more.

Your New Friend

Lady Alberta COrjiekwe


On Thursday, 30th October, as I called your GSM number, in our usual way, I greeted you ‘Iron Lady’ and expected to hear you laugh and call me ‘Nno nwanne m’ (the last name you call me in place of Nonye). Behold, it was Emeka your son that answered the call.

After exchanging pleasantries and told him to give the phone to you, i had wanted to inform you that I will visit home and would like to see you. The response from your son devastated me.

Emeka said ‘my Mum is dead’. In alter bewilderment i retorted ‘Emeka shut up, it is not true’. The shock was inexplicable. How could I have believed that my ‘Iron Lady’ had passed on just like that?

Iron Lady, you were resilient, hardworking, enterprising and very industrious. Your numerous achievements hear eloquent testimonies to your enterprising prowess.

We love you but God loves you most since he has called you.

May the Lord who allowed this to happen grant all of us who are grieving your sudden demise especially your children the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.

Adieu my Dear Friend, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace, Amen.

Mrs. Nonye Igboanugo(Odibeze)


When the news of your ill health got to me through your Mum in Califonia, we called on friends both in Nigeria and Califonia to join us in prayer, that Almighty Creator will intervene in such an unexpected situation. Not quite a week after the news came that you passed, despite all efforts made by your siblings, children, in-law, friends, relatives, doctors/nurses made.

This is pure confirmation that God gives and takes life, and we cannot question his ultimate decision.

I am very much consoled. You lived a fulfilled life despite your short time on earth. You were such a friend in need, caring and kind hearted that you always carry everyone around you along.


An Achiever whose humor and cheerfulness transcends to all who came across you. I wonder who will hail and shower me with all sorts of beautiful names(Oke Nwanyi, Oke Ogo) anytime I visit the family.

The vacuum your demise has created is so deep that I wonder how your aged mother, your very dear children & grandchildren, siblings, relatives, in-laws who you have given so much love will fill it.

I pray the good Lord will give us the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss. We love you Metty, but God loves you most.

We will miss you. May your gentle soul rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ till we meet to part no more.

Adieu my dear friend

Adieu Oke Ogom

Goodbye Ugosimba

Goodnight Adinije

Mrs. Kate Modozie (Idikacho)


Motto: Striving for Excellence

The passing of a Legend.

The Headmistress, staff and the entire pupils of the above named school mourn your exit.

Our role model, our pride, our great director and proprietress is gone.

Chinyelu Metricia Mbogu (Ugosimba) is an Iroko that has fallen, and the birds that took refuge in her has all been snatched. Ugosimba, how has the mighty fallen? You pampered us with love and affection, and then left us to shiver in the cold. Good adviser and wonderful mentor, who do we run to now?

We shall continue to uphold all that you lived and worked for. The legacy that you left behind, we shall endeavor to keep. Just like our motto is ‘Striving for Excellence’. This we promise to maintain and keep the flag flying. We learnt never to give up the fight, no matter the situation.

May the Almighty God continue to look at your mind and bless you.

May your children find favor and shelter in the shadow of God the Father, as they will complete the numerous plans and works you have on ground.

Fare thee well, great director

We cannot say good bye because your memories will aways remain in our hearts forever.

Sleep in the bosom of your maker, goodnight Ugosimba

Lady Ifeoma Nwokoye (Headmistress)

Aunty Amaka Ogbah ( Asst. Headmistress)



I am broken. It was in 2011 when both our daughters Chisom and Olive were seeking admission into Federal Government College that I met Chy. As I waited to be driven home, we continued discussing the admission. She even linked me up to her contact.

When she offered to drive me home in her cozy Camry , I jumped at the chance in order to continue to chat with the stranger that made a impact within few hours. In company of Joy her sister, we went straight to their family house for me to meet Mama. That was the beginning of a friendship that blossomed as if we knew each other from Adam.

Chinyelu Metricia Mbogu (Ugosimba) was always quick in saying ‘I am sorry, its okay’ even when she was not wrong. Severally, I cajoled her and used emotional blackmail to get her magic smiles and words – ‘my darling am sorry’

My friend knew her goals and moved with the speed of dynamite. In reminisce, I know now why God was fast forwarding her to eternity. She was one of the few our creator endowed stoically. It was a special assignment.

As I assessed her life, I had cause to exclaim that anyone who found faults or bore grudges against her is lazy or cloaked from birth to be deadly malicious.

For the respect I had for Chinyelu Metricia Mbogu (Ugosimba), I could not say no when she proposed ‘Zion Daughters’ to me. Barely 8months later, I lost my Dad. Chy attended the funeral with a full house of ‘Zion Daughters’ in their peacock mauve attires that dazzled.

What a world!

I quote John Donne-Esoteric Poet & Cleric “Every man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind.

I urge the Chikwelu family especially Nnanna & Chisom to be consoled. She has gone to rest with the Lord.

Powerful Woman, farewell till we meet again.

May mother Mary welcome you to the bosom of Christ

His Hon. A.C. Peters ESQ (Deputy Chief Registrar SPD)


The news of your death proved to us that human beings are truly mere travelers here on planet earth. Each is waiting for the end of the journey.

We prayed fervently that you would pull through this health challenge. Our optimism was because you were young, vibrant and generally vivacious.

This journey came when at a time we awaited your brilliant show of expertise as the new coordinator of ATCOI program in Delta State. It came at a time that most of us thought that the storm was over. It came at a time we cannot but cry bitterly, so sad, we have to say goodbye at the time when many thought you were at the peak.

ATCOICOE, Nnobi will forever remember the times we shared together and the various efforts you made to widen the frontiers of human knowledge.

Adieu our gallant colleague, Goodnight.

Asogwa E.C

Deputy Provost (ATCOICOE, Nnobi Campus)


On behalf of the Management, Staff and Students of African Thinkers Community of inquiry College of Education Enugu, I send my heart felt sympathies over the death of your mother who passed on to eternal glory.

The information was very difficult to swallow. Vanity upon vanity, death is indeed a necessary end that must come when it will come.

A great and caring woman, Chief Dr. Mrs. Chinyelu Metricia Mbogu (Ugosimba) was also an educationist who had passion to educate, was very good at it and every other thing she did.

We therefore understand your sorrow which comes from the sense of loss that accompanies the departure of a loved one. However, be consoled, as we are, by the fact that she left legacies behind by the lives she greatly impacted on, lived a fulfilled life to the service of God and humanity.

We pray that GOD in his infinite goodness grant all members of her family , friends and colleagues the fortitude to bear the great loss.

The ATCOI family sends our deepest condolence to the entire family at this period of grieve and pray the good Lord to grant you the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.

May her soul rest in peace.



It is with very deep sense of shock that we receive the death of our able secretary Chief Dr. Mrs. Chinyelu Metricia Mbogu (Ugosimba). She was a rare gem of inestimable value.

Our solemn faith and believe is that the resurrection assured Is to view death as as portal to our eternal home.

You did all you could to push the association forward. You were there whenever you were needed, but death did not allow you reap what you have sowed.

Your death created confusion, reflection and then finally, acceptance. We accepted it when we remembered what the psalmist said ‘what man is he that live and shall not see death’ (Psalm 89vs46)

Oh! Dr., who will fill the big vacuum you have left behind? Our eyes are soaked with uncontrollable tears whenever the thought of you comes to mind.

We take solace in the Lord because in his bosom you are having eternal rest. We love and cherish you. You will forever be remembered.

Goodbye Ugosimba

Goodnight Nwanyioma

Jee nke oma our Secretary

Dr. Akawa Success (President)


The Principal, Staff and Students of Anglican Girls Secondary School, Ogidi wish to express our heartily sympathy to the entire Mbogu family on the demise of their dearly beloved mother, Chief Dr. Mrs. Chinyelu Metricia Mbogu (Ugosimba).

It is our sincere prayer that our good Lord who knows best gives your entire family the comfort and fortitude to bear this irreparable loss and grant your loved one eternal rest in the bosom of the Lord, Amen.

Dr. Lady Lizzy Okeke (Principal)


It was with heavy heart and sadness that we were putting these few lines in our friend and member. We still cant believe your demise as you are with us planning for our members son’s wedding come 24th November 2108, though you complained about ill health but the health challenges you complained about is not enough to lead you to the world beyond but all the same God knows best.

Dr. Chy Mbogu, your demise is an irreparable loss to our association and your family especially the children and Mbogu family at large.

May the Almighty God receive and keep your large heart and soul in the bosom till we meet to part no more.

Finally, we ask God to give the family, especially the children the fortitude to bear the loss.

Rest on Dr. Chy


Tearful goodbye to our zonal CWO Vice President Dr. Mrs. Chinyere Mbogu by St. Peters Zone IN St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Parish Awka, Anambra State

Dr Mrs Mbogu, your death was like a wound that cuts too deep which makes the injured not to know where the pain is coming from. Even as i write this tribute on behalf of the entire St. Peters Zone, I so earnest wish someone would tap me on the shoulder and tell me it was a dream after all.

But it is with a firm hope in the resurrection of the dead to the everlasting life of peace and happiness (1 Cor. 15:20) that we commiserate with your family at the most challenging moment of your demise. We knew Dr. Mrs Chinyelu Metricia Mbogu (Ugosimba) in 2017 when she came to join the zone in propagating the faith and our encounter with her was dense with immeasurable positive experience.

Oh death! You are wicked and heartless, but your wickedness and heartlessness could not only get hold of her mortal body and not her soul(her spirit being).

Brothers and Sisters , at the moment of grief, we need to hark back the biblical in juncture not to grieve as those without hope. This is because the trauma and torment of death has been destroyed by the implications of our sharing in the Imago Dei – its indestructibility and the expectations of a glorious eternity. Death has thus been demystified. For believers, it is a gateway to eternal life with Christ. For we all are pilgrims here longing for the eschatological fascination (Rom 8:18-23) where our disembodied souls will live in the presence of God for eternity.

Dr. Mrs. Mbogu, we love you but God loves you most and hat is why he has called you to enjoy an everlasting happiness in his kingdom.

May your soul rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

Mr. Agbo Joseph (Chairman, St Peters Zone)

Bro. Ugwuokwo Emmanuel (Secretary St. Peters Zone)


No matter the volume of tears in our eyes, no matter the magnitude of our grief. These cannot prevent the family of Chikwelu from expressing our profound gratitude to all of you who showed concern, love, support, consolation and participated in one way or the other in the funeral and burial of our beloved daughter Chief Dr. Mrs. Metricia Chinyelu Christabel Mbogu ‘Ugosimba’, It is incredible.

All the Clergy’s of St. Peters Anglican Church Amawbia, St. Matthew’s Catholic Church Amawbia, St. Mary’s Catholic Church Achi.

All our wonderful in-laws, our extended maternal family members (Onyejekwe) from Mgbidi, Imo State.

His Royal Highnesses, the Judiciary, Old Girls Association (Ogidi Girls Secondary School, Staff and Pupils of Prime-Step Model School, Amawbia.

Umuokpu, Ume-Egege, Umu-Ulum Ogalanya, Entire Amawbia Community, Achi Community at home and in Awka.

Social Organizations and innumerable friends and well wishers.

We salute you from the bottom of out hearts, we pray that the Almighty God will protect and grant you all journey mercies to your various destinations in Jesus Mighty name, Amen.

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